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About Me

My Background


I have always enjoyed a good art project, and often find myself creating art projects from something that started as a task. While growing up in Andover, Massachusetts, my wonderful family provided opportunities and support for all kinds of creative ventures and appreciation for the natural world. Summers spent in Rye, New Hampshire created my connection with the ocean and the New England coast, now my favorite locations for plein air painting. I was fortunate to participate in robust art programs through the public schools.

A graduate of Tufts University, I studied art through the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and later explored design more deeply at  Boston Architectural College. I belong to the Newburyport Art Association and the New Hampshire Art Association and participate in juried and open shows throughout the region. My work can also be found in private collections across the country. I live in Southern New Hampshire with my husband James where I enjoy having fun with my dogs, experimenting with different mediums, photography, design, music and gardening. My two amazing Golden Retrievers, Jean Luc and Arielle, are are my best models and constant companions.

My Mediums


I work in a variety of mediums, oil or acrylic for painting, depending on what I am trying to achieve. I also enjoy mixing mediums, assemblage using wood and found objects and incorporating text or nautical charts in two and three dimensional pieces. When I visit a gallery show or museum, I am reminded of the beauty of a great drawing; sometimes drawing is the best way to express an idea. I use different mediums to develop custom dog portraits based on client preferences.

My approach is generally somewhat abstracted but based in the forms of nature. Occasional pieces are entirely conceptual and abstract. Whatever medium I use, I am always conscious of the power of good design and composition.

My Inspiration


Inspiration is easy but the work is hard. Of course, it's also fun! I am inspired by the beauty and grace of dogs, and often feel strong emotion embedded in dog portraits during the painting process. The value of a dog's commitment to his or her humans cannot be overstated. I strive to express that relationship through art. I also find great inspiration in nature, whether in ocean waves, sand, sky, clouds, trees or plants and animals of all kinds, of course. Materials in themselves are motivating, as is creating something meaningful from nothing.

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