dog portraits!



Every dog is unique. My goal is to create a likeness as well as a work with artistic integrity. I talk with each client about their dog's personality and distinctive characteristics; this information is invaluable when developing and creating a portrait. Using digital images, I am able to explore composition and share ideas with clients before finalizing commissions. I work from photos instead of directing dogs to 

Sit! Stay! For a really long time!

Working from photos of course also allows me to create memorial portraits in honor of great friends who have passed on. 

In general, my paintings in acrylic on square canvas are more contemporary in feel, and oils on standard rectangles are a bit more traditional, but media, size and shape can be customized to reflect each client's preferences. 

I hope that my passion for dogs is evident in every portrait!



"It's like you painted her from the inside out."


“I just wanted to thank you again for the absolutely amazing masterpiece you made for us. It truly captures the personality of (our dogs) and we will cherish it forever. Between them being wrapped in their colorful winter coats, and you utilizing your amazing talent and unique approach to painting dogs, I honestly do not know how it could have been done any better. We hung it yesterday where it will have the most visibility and we can enjoy it on a daily basis.”

“It's an enduring gift that will bring his larger than life presence, and memory, back to me in a moment.  And the painting will live forever, far longer than me, long after I have joined him again.  Thank you.” 

“(The painting) is a beautiful new addition to our home. I could not be more pleased.” 

“The painting of (my dog) was all I wanted and more.  I had it set up in the dining room on a chair for several days before taking it to the framer.  I'd often just look over there and always felt comforted.  He had such a sweet look about him.  Earnest, yes.  Darling and sweet.  Your brushes and your heart just got it all.  It means so much to me.  So much happens in the house that makes me miss him.  It will be nice to have his face in the home again."


“I loved the oil painting you did of my beloved (dog).  You got her eyes so perfectly, and her shy look.  She was my first dog and she lived a long happy life -- she was almost 14.  I miss her so much, but your painting will allow her to live with me forever.  It has a special and prominent spot in the house so I see her often and remember all of the wonderful times we had together.” 

“We love (the portraits of our dogs). They are incredible!”

"It looks just like her, but it's a work of art at the same time!"   


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Approximate pricing guidelines for custom dog portraits are listed below and other options can be explored; the cost is the same for oil or acrylic. All paintings are done on 1 ½” wrapped frames with painted edges that do not require framing but can be framed if desired. The prices listed reflect portraits of individual dogs. Additional dogs may be added at a cost of $200 each. If you would like more than one dog in the painting, please consider a larger canvas. Larger sizes than listed are available. Please contact me to discuss your thoughts!

20" x 20" or equivalent       $600

24" x 24" or equivalent       $700

30" x 30" or equivalent       $850

36" x 36" or equivalent       $1000


From The Firehouse Center for the Arts, Newburyport


Any dog lover around these here parts probably spends a lot of time at the beach -- it is, after all, the favorite haunt of many North Shore pups. Perhaps it is these hours logged surfside with her own golden retrievers -- in addition to summers of the artist's youth spent in Rye, NH -- that make dogs and oceans forever linked as two topics of choice for Joanna Doyle's work. See these oil, acrylic and mixed-media pieces in her current exhibition, appropriately called Coastlines and Canines, that is hanging at the Firehouse gallery.

Visit the artist's website and one is greeted by a quote from Franz Kafka: "All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained in the dog."

Doyle's deep connection with man's best friend is evident in her work. Individual clients have commented that Doyle really gets the personality of their dogs and captures each dog's essence on canvas. “It’s like you painted her from the inside out,” says one patron. Whether it is the competency with which the eyes are painted, the cock of a brow, the set of the ears, or the tilt of the head; Doyle does capture the soul of our beloved four-footed companions and dog lovers will find it hard to resist the looks that melt our hearts over and over again. Rest assured though, these dogs are only available on canvas; so you can visit the gallery and know that if you take one home at least you won't have to feed it.

A graduate of Tufts University, Joanna Doyle studied art through the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Boston Architectural Center. During her youth in Andover, Massachusetts, her family provided opportunities and support for all kinds of creative ventures and appreciation for the natural world, including the beautiful New England coastline.

Joanna belongs to the Newburyport Art Association and the New Hampshire Art Association and regularly participates in juried and open shows throughout the region. Her work can also be found in private collections across the country. Joanna lives in Southern New Hampshire with her husband James where she enjoys her dogs, experimenting with different media, photography, design, music and gardening. Her two golden retrievers, Genevieve and Jean Luc, are her best models and constant companions.